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Albino Animals – 9 of Abnormally White Animals With Rare and beautiful Pictures

Pavo Cristatus White Peacocks-hahn No Albino

What is albinism?

In simple terms, an albino person or albino animals are supposed to be unusually/abnormally white. In a more specific and professional definition, albinism refers to a group of inherited disorders with little or no production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment produced by our body. It determines the color of the skin, hair, and eyes. It has an essential role in the development of optic nerves and, thus, in vision.

white Catfish. albino Cory fish. white Cory fish are rare albino animals
Albino Cory fish

The signs of albinism have a wide range. It may be slightly apparent that a person is suffering from albinism, or it may be evident. Albino beings are sensitive to light and therefore are at an increased risk of developing skin cancer.

As rare as the phenomenon is, it occurs in animals too. That is, there are albino animals. These animals are born with a congenital defect that prevents the color pigment from reaching their skin, fur, and eyes. These animals have stark differences when compared to the usual animals of their species. 

List of rare albino animals with pictures

Despite the beauty, it is difficult for such animals to survive in the wild as they become a prime target to poachers and predators alike. Much like humans, these animals are also rejected by their species due to the difference in their appearance. 

1. Albino Deer

An albino is as precious as it is beautiful, with the chances of an albino deer birth being about 1 in 20-30,000. Their pink nose and eyes identify them. Deer with normal eyes and nose but a white coat color are white deer and not an albino deer.

Albino deer may have pink or black hooves. Their coats are either pure white, cream-colored or white with some brown.  

 Remember that an albino deer can be born to brown coat parents, and likewise, brown coat fawn can be born to an albino deer.

2. Albino Gorilla or White gorilla

snowflake white albino gorilla before death

Snowflake, the albino gorilla, was captured from Equatorial Guinea by a farmer who had killed the rest of the group. A primatologist then purchased snowflake. This albino gorilla was a western lowland gorilla with poor vision, blue sclera, and normal cornea. Humans bred him in hopes of producing more albino gorilla, until his death by skin cancer.

Snowflake -  Barcelona Zoo White Gorilla is a rare albino animal

One of the most famous white gorillas is snowflake kept at Barcelona Zoo in Spain until he died.

3. Albino Cats

albino cat , baby white kitten are rare albino animals

While albino cats have very pale blue, pink, or red eyes. The pink or the redness in albino cats’ eyes are from the light reflecting against the blood vessels. Owing to their features of deafness and lack of pigmentation, albino cats require special care.

albino vs white cats

White cats have genes that code for white fur and are, therefore, not albinos. The real albino cats have a total lack of pigmentation in skin, fur, and eyes. A typical white cat and an albino cat can have distinct eyes. White cats have varying eye colors; blue, green, yellow, orange, or a combination.

They are the most adorable pets of all albino animals.

4. Albino Peacocks or white pheasant

Pavo Cristatus White albino Peacocks are rare animals
Pavo Cristatus White albino Peacock

As magnificent as peacocks look with their enormous range of colors, equally breath-taking are peacocks without any color, the albino peacocks. Pigmentation in birds is from melanins, carotenoids, and porphyrins

Melanins occur in skin and feathers, ranging from black to pale yellows. Carotenoids are acquired only by eating plants, or something eats a plant. It produces bright yellows and brilliant oranges. Porphyrins produce pink, brown, red, and green.

The structure of feathers is also essential, as each feather has thousands of flat branches, each with a small bowl-shaped indentation bearing a lamella. The lamellae act like a prism, splits light.

Albino peacocks could be a result of absent pigments and abnormal feathers.

5. Albino Racoon or white racoon

meeko the albino racoon

Albino raccoons are a very rare sighting, and we are unlikely to see one in our lifetimes. Unlike the regular raccoon with black fur around the eyes to give a sneaky look, the albino raccoons are entirely white. Therefore, they are very vulnerable.

6. Albino Tiger or white tiger

albino tiger , white tiger
Albino Tiger

Also known as white tigers, the albino tigers are rare and a result of genetic alteration, causing expression of the recessive gene. They are not a sub-species of their own, and technically, they aren’t albinos either.

The breeding of albino tigers is solely for attraction.

7. Albino Squirrel or white squirrel

white Squirrel , Albino Squirrel

Like all the other albino animals, the albino squirrels are also a result of gene mutation coding for pigmentation. They have red eyes.

Albino squirrels are very rare and an easy target for predators.

8. Albino Corn Snake or white snake

white snake , Albino Corn Snake

Albino corn snakes are regular corn snakes without melanin in the body. The lack of melanin causes it to have red and white scales surrounded by a thick white border. 

Not only the color but also the pattern on their backs separate the albino corn snakes from the regular corn snakes. And like the rest of the albino animals, the albino corn snakes have red eyes.

9. Albino Ball Python or yellow python

white python , Albino Ball Python
Snake Python Albino

As a result of a genetic mutation, the albino ball pythons have no melanin and, thus, has bright yellow and white skin with pink/red eyes. The albino ball pythons may have a high or a low contrast skin. Selective breeding gives you the choice of the skin.

The beauty and uniqueness of the albino animals attract a lot of attention and therefore are prone to more danger. They should be cared for, so should the rest of the animals.

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  1. Hay just letting you know, the corn snake pictured is not just albino. Your article says albino corn snakes are all white, which is quite untrue. They still have a pattern, it’s just red and yellow due to lack of melanin. What you have is a snow corn snake I believe, a very stressed one too 🙁


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