What is Breast Expansion & How to Enlarge Breasts Quickly

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What is breast expansion?

Breast expansion, also known as breast enlargement, is sizing up the breast from the size it already is. Breast expansion doesn’t only include the increase of breast size, but also the shape and texture of the breasts can be changed. It is noteworthy to mention that the word breast expansion is also used to describe ” fictional sexual hentai fetish” of watching a woman’s breast expand rapidly. But in this article, we will stick to the medical aspect and discuss the most commonly used methods to achieve breast enlargement.

The growth of breast in females occurs during the development of secondary sexual characteristics and contribute to the sexual appeal or attractiveness in them. All over the world, breasts are a sign of femininity. Because of these reasons and countless more, most women prefer to have their breasts enlarged and become a more prominent feature in their appearance.

Do you need breast expansion?

There are medical conditions or cases where a breast enlargement may be necessary, some of which include:

  • Aplasia or hypoplasia of the breast.
  • Hypoplasia with asymmetrical breasts or ptosis.
  • Breasts that requiring a change of prosthesis or reaugmentation.
  • A breast with tumor or cancer, cyst or mastodynia.
  • In cases of mastectomy.

Other than the medical indications, the majority of breast expansion procedures are for cosmetic purposes. Therefore, if you are healthy, the decision of breast expansion, or not is entirely up to you.

What are breast enlargement options?

breast expansion and breast enlargement , female with breast and ipad
How can I get a bigger pair of breasts?

1- Surgical breast augmentation

Surgical breast enlargement makes the breasts bigger and also improves their shape to give a more attractive look. This surgery is called breast augmentation or mammoplasty.

What is inside breast implants?

The most common implants used are silicone gel or saline/ saltwater.

A small cut is made under the breast, armpit, or near the lower edge of the areola. The implant s then carefully inserted into the correct position and shape. The implant goes under the tissue of the breast or the chest muscle. Finally, the incision is closed.

For sagging breasts, a breast lift is done during the implantation surgery. The procedure includes removing the excess skin from the bottom of the breast and around the areola. After removal of the excess skin, the leftover the skin is stitched together. In the end, tight and perky breast results. The procedure, however, requires a larger cut compared to the implantation.

The duration of hospital stay after breast enlargement

Surgical augmentation occurs in a hospital setting or a surgical center, but the patient doesn’t need an overnight stay after surgery unless there were complications involved.

The surgery is done either under loco-regional or general anesthesia. However, implants are not permanent, and most women will need another implant surgery sooner or later to remove or replace the previous implant.

how long stay in hospital after breast surgery. hospital ward

Complications of breast enlargement

Implants can leak, rupture, change shape, or develop other problems, which will require further more medical attention.

And also, implants cause permanent changes to the breast skin and tissue. And if removed later, breasts can end up with wrinkles or other changes.

Besides the implants, breast augmentation is done with fat grafting too. Fat from another part of the body is transplanted into the breast. This gives the desired effect of increased size. Of course, this, too, comes with its own set of risks and problems.

It is better to be well aware of the risks, including the surgical procedure, and talk to a qualified doctor before concluding on a surgical augmentation.

2- Pharmacological or medical treatments

The only known natural hormones that increase breast size are estrogen and progesterone. These hormones, therefore, can cause breast cancer. Besides these, there are derivatives of the hormones known to affect breast in the desired manner. A plant-derived substance called the phytoestrogens and some herbs such as thistle or saw palmetto is known to cause breast expansion.

estrogen and progesterone pills

Phytoestrogens attach themselves to the estrogen receptors on the cell and carry out the effects of estrogen, although weakly. These may have a role in breast expansion in women who are postmenopausal as their estrogen levels are low. On the contrary, it might cause enough impact to increase the risk of breast cancer.

Herbs also come with warnings. In that, they can cause bleeding, interfere with body sugar levels, and interact with other medications. 

When on hormone therapy or birth control pills or even on antidepressants, breast enlargement can occur as a side effect. Despite that, these medications are not for the sole purpose of breast expansion.

In conclusion, although these medications and herbal treatments may cause expansion of breast, these are not free from risks and medically, rarely recommended.

3- Diet and exercise for breast enlargement

An easy way to get a bigger breast is to put on some weight. The major component of the breast is fatty tissue. Increased intake of food means more storage of fat in the adipose tissue. Increased energy leads to the creation of more adipose tissues. And more adipose tissues near the breast area means bigger breast. 

Also, the amount of adipose tissue added to the breast varies from a person to another. And at a molecular level, the KLF14  gene controls this. So any modification to the gene can lead to changes in the breast.

4- Mechanical methods for breast enlargement

push up bra

If it is merely about having an appearance of a bigger breast, there are various brassiere and sportswear that help pop the breasts, giving it a more fuller look. 

There is also a mechanical bra for breast expansion. The device has a fabric bra with 2 semirigid shells enclosing the breasts. The rim has a silicone gel that seals with the skin, allowing a vacuum to form. Each of these cups connects to a computer-controlled, battery-operated vacuum pump that maintains a negative pressure of 15 to 25 mm Hg. Pressure sensors and valves control the pressure of the device.

The bra maintains continuous negative pressure. It is worn 10 to 12 hours per day for at least 10 weeks. Clinical studies found that the continuous application of negative pressure to soft tissue can stimulate mechanoreceptors and result in cell growth and breast enlargement.

mechanical bra image
illustration of first proposed mechanical bra

A research article published in Oxford academic – Aesthetic Surgery Journal / efficacy of mechanical bra report that each of the study patients had an A or B cup bra size when the study began and showed an average increase in the size of nearly 50%, after a 4-week follow-up. There was an initial loss of volume of 16% over the first week after discontinuation of the use of the mechanical bra; this recoil was associated with edema. At 20 weeks after discontinuation of use, the remaining increase in breast size had been maintained (R. Khouri, MD). Photographic documentation presented at the ASAPS meeting confirms a modest but definite increase in breast size.

Does breast size matter?

The size of the breast does have an impact on how a woman sees herself. The size affects her self esteem and confidence. The dissatisfaction with the breast size reflects on their mental health and can even lead to eating disorders. 

stressed woman

Especially now that the world is so focused on physical appearance, the breast is more important to a woman than it has ever been. Specifically its size and shape. 

When the woman feels her breasts are of the correct size, this contributes to their self-confidence and makes them feel attractive. 

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